5 tips to Crack CDAC Entrance Exam (CDAC CAT)

5 tips to Crack CDAC Entrance Exam (CDAC CAT)

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How to prepare for cdac entrance exam

Doing CDAC course is one of the best option for students who want their career in software industry.

In order to get admission into CDAC training institutions you need to give CDAC-CAT exam which is entrance test for all CDAC PG Diploma courses.

Just after completing ones graduation one can get at least 3 months of time to Crack CDAC Entrance Exam.

Cdac entrance exam is not a tough exam to crack but, without proper preparation and planning it’s very difficult to get good marks.

Here you can find some preparation tips and tricks to crack cdac entrance exam (cdac-cat).

The 5 killer tips helpful to crack cdac entrance exam

  • Know about cdac entrance exam pattern
  • List out what you are good at
  • Important things for CDAC Section A
  • Important things for Section B
  • Exam time tips

Know about cdac entrance exam pattern

In order to prepare well you should Know CDAC Entrance Exam question paper pattern so that according you can schedule you time and concentrate on you weak areas.

List out what you are good at

Find your strong areas. For example you may good in solving aptitude problems or you are good at solving train problems in aptitude. Listing out what you know is the key point to crack CDAC CAT so that you can focus on other areas.

Now, take some time and make yourself strong in what you already good at. Because, you will not find time to revise things in the end. So it’s better idea to get even more stronger on what you are already strong!

Important things for CDAC Section A

Here are some of the important topics for c-cat section A aptitude.

  • Problems on trains
  • Time and work
  • Partnership
  • HCF and LCM
  • Problems on ages
  • Discounts
  • Interests
  • Profit and loss

Of course in a general way all topics are important but, at least one should solve problems in above Topics.

Don’t forget that section A  contains verbal also. So don’t waste your whole time on only aptitude preparation.

Important things for Section B

If you are not a computer student you need to work more on this section.

Don’t directly jump to solve C/C++ language problems. First thing you need to do is get familiar programming concepts.

Basics are far enough to crack c-cat exam.

First prepare the fallowing topic for CDAC CAT section B

  • Computer fundamentals
  • C Programming
  • C++ oops concepts
  • Operating systems

If you find time go through other topics also.

For c programming most questions will be like finding out put questions. You can get some example here.

For section C make your own strategies. Mostly this section syllabus is covered in your Engineering.

First priority is get well prepared for Section A and Section B

Exam time tips

By this time you already done your preparation so keep calm don’t panic try to give your best of course people do their best. You need to keep in mind there are negative marking awards for C-CAT at the same time answering less correct answers will not make you stand in competition. Don’t waste time on keep on solving only one question. You will end up time for other questions. Make sure you should have gone through every question. There is a chance you may know the last question answer.

It’s better to carry watch (time) because when I gave c cat exam time is not displayed on screen.

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