CDAC Entrance Exam Question Paper Pattern & CDAC CAT Syllabus

CDAC Entrance Exam Question Paper Pattern & CDAC CAT Syllabus

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What is CDAC entrance exam (C-CAT )exam pattern ?

Is there any negative marking for cdac cat exam ?

How many question contains in CDAC entrance exam ?

For total how many marks CDAC entrance (ccat) exam ?

Here is the detailed information about cdac entrance test exam pattern.

Taking C-CAT exam is the major step in CDAC admission Process .

Total CDAC entrance exam consists of three sections

  1. Section A
  2. Section B
  3. Section C

All sections are in objective type questions. Every section have 50 questions. For each section you will be given one hour of time.

CDAC Entrance Exam Syllabus :

C-CAT Section A Syllabus   :

English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning.

C-CAT Section B Syllabus

Computer Fundamentals, C Programming, Data Structures, Data Communication & Networking, Object Oriented Programming Concepts with c++, Operating Systems.

C-CAT Section C Syllabus :

 Computer Architecture, Digital Electronics, Microprocessors

Denpending on course selected, candidates can give test  for only section A or section(A+B) or section(A+B+C)

There is negative marking in CDAC entrance exam(C-CAT).

Each question have four possible answers out of one will be correct. For every correct answer +3(plus three) marks will be awarded. For every wrong answer -1(minus one) mark and for unanswered question 0(zero) marks will be awarded. For each section candidate can score maximum marks of 150.

Thus, each section in CDAC entrance test is for 150 marks.

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