runningrabbit karaoke

The theme of the room salon has changed countless times over the years, but the most popular theme is the 강남가라오케. If you are interested in using the karaoke salon, please contact us at the number below.

Business hours: PM5 – AM5

Free drinks and snacks

Open on weekends and holidays

Gangnam baseball stadium, mirror room, 런닝래빗

Understanding the karaoke System

Gangnam 런닝래빗 karaoke System

Gangnam karaoke provides private services. We reduce the bubbles from the existing high prices and combine the quality and mind of the girls to provide customer satisfaction at a reasonable price.

1. Visit to Gangnam karaoke Salon

When you visit Gangnam karaoke Salon, we provide a pick-up service for the entire Gangnam area. If you make a reservation inquiry by phone, the luxury sedan will provide a pick-up service to where the customer is.

2. Magic Mirror Choice

When you visit us using the pick-up service, we proceed with the Magic Mirror Choice. Magic Mirror Choice is a system in which girls wait in front of a mirror that only customers can see, and customers can choose the girl they want comfortably. It is more popular as a system that allows you to see all the girls at once and choose them easily, rather than looking at them one by one.

3. Greeting System

Once the nomination is completed, the girl nominated for the room will come in. For a friendly and comfortable drinking party, the girls will greet you. The greeting lasts about 1-3 minutes and provides a more comfortable drinking environment.

4. Have a Good Time

After the greeting, you can have a pleasant drinking party during table time. Drinks and snacks are set up, and you can enjoy a pleasant time with the girls. All drinks, snacks, and beverages are unlimited, so we hope you have a comfortable time.Running Rabbit Introduction

Running Rabbit

Hello, this is Running Rabbit, the top runner in the entertainment district of Gangnam for 15 years. I always listen to customers’ voices and provide services with the customer’s heart. We are the representative management team of the karaoke Salon with a lot of recognition in the Gangnam entertainment area. Due to my experience, I am active in many other fields besides the karaoke Salon. If you want to see the end of entertainment, please find me, Running Rabbit. If you contact us, we promise to provide the best service.

Running Rabbit

karaoke Salon Representative Management Team

Interior Facilities

Our Gangnam 강남런닝래빗 Salon boasts the best interior facilities after remodeling in 2022. We do not operate any low-quality facilities just because the base price is low. We are responsible for business and important party scenes by creating a sophisticated and comfortable interior. We operate rooms in four sizes to suit the number of people and the situation, as follows.

General Room

This is a room that many people visit alone. It is not that the facilities are bad because it is called a general room. It is a cozy space where you can