5 recommended books to crack CDAC entrance exam

5 recommended books to crack CDAC entrance exam

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CDAC course is one of the job oriented courses in India. But, its always advisable to do your CDAC course from well know centers. To get admission in such well known institution is not so easy. You need to get good marks in CDAC CAT exam.

Here are top 5 books you should have to crack CDAC exam 

The list of are all books are picked as per CDAC entrance exam syllabus

CDAC Section A preparation books

Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning : Quantitative Aptitude Fully Solved (R. S. Aggrawal)

RS Aggrawall for quantitative aptitude book will helps you even after you CDAC CAT Exam. This is most recommended book for your campus placements as well. If you get admission into CDAC/preparing for interviews  you need to use this book every day untill you get placed.

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CDAC Section B preparation books

Computer Fundamentals : Foundations of Computing (Pradeep Sinha & Priti Sinha)

As a computer guy you need to know some computer fundamentsls. This books cover all fundaments of computer and takes you to  advanced leavel . You can find very detailed notes on computer and information technology with good examples. 

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C Programming : Let Us C  by Yashavant Kanetkar

IF you are new to programming this book is the best choice for you. Before joining CDAC you need to have atleast programming language knowledge. This books helps you in understanding basic programming concepts.

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OOP Concepts : Test Your C ++ Skills  author by Yashavant Kanetkar

Oops Concepts are core for any progrmming language. you can say its advaced version of  C Programming language. If you are going to work in IT field most of you interviews will on oops concepts only.  

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Operating Systems : Operating System Principles  by Silberschatz, Galvin, Gagne

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All the above mentioned books are very useful even after your CDAC CAT exam. There are also other books recommented by cdac but, those are not that much of required no need to invest you money. If you find enough time to read above mention books you will surely can score good marks and you are prepared for your interviews as well. 

Books for CDAC section C

Computer Architecture : Computer Organization & Architecture  by William Stallings

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