Pre-Retirement (Late 50s to 60s)

Investors in this stage are close to retirement and should be more concerned with preserving

the wealth they have accumulated rather than seeking high returns. 마이크로 LED 관련주

The risk of significant losses becomes a greater concern as the ability to recover from bad investment outcomes diminishes.

Suggested Allocation

  • Stocks: 40-60%
  • Bonds: 40-55%
  • Cash or Equivalent: 5-10% for liquidity and safety.

Retirees (70s and Beyond)

Retirement generally shifts the focus entirely toward income generation and capital preservation. The asset allocation should support a stable, low-risk income stream, with sufficient liquidity to cover living expenses.

Suggested Allocation

  • Stocks: 20-40%
  • Bonds: 50-70%
  • Cash or Equivalent: 10-30%